Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Free Ways to Add Plants to Your Winter Home

I tolerate love winter. A chance to draw inward, reflect ... and dream of spring.

No, seriously, I love many parts of winter: the fact that there are no bugs when you do things outside, no heat waves with 90 percent humidity, and the smell of the air. I think it never smells more fresh than when it's below 30 degrees.

It's hard though, when you're a nature lover and outdoorsy type, to embrace winter fully. Getting dressed to go for a simple walk sometimes feels like a Herculean feat.

After the Christmas decorations had been put away, it felt like the front of the house was so bland. It also reminded me how much I want to paint the shutters (black) and the front door (pumpkin, red or yellow).

I took to the backyard and created this swag from miscellaneous branches from pine, cedar and lilac trees. It took about 15 minutes and I used the silver bow from the top of the Christmas tree along with an old necklace and a bird ornament one of my sister's gave me to add a little bling.

If you don't live where you can easily find free branches--maybe you're in the city or an apartment, you might check your local plant nursery or florist. Even though these won't be free, I bet they wouldn't be super expensive.

Or you could go this route and add some green inside:
How can you add a little nature to your decor this time of the year? Share your ideas and/or links to inspire us!

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