Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Free Flowers from T-shirts = FUN

I have been droning on and on dabbling in upcycling clothes lately and wanted to learn how to do something that was fairly simple and easy to master but had a nice result.

I came across this video on YouTube for how to create flowers from old t-shirts. Free. Easy sounding. Let's give it a go!

It took me just one watch to get the technique down (it's a pretty easy process, right?) but I decided to change up the flowers in two ways:

  1. I sewed my petals to the round piece of backing fabric. I'm apparently out of hot glue. Also, sometimes the spidery little strands of glue irritate me. 
  2. I added a vintage button at the center of each of my posies. 
These really are quick and easy to make and the flowers could be used on just about anything--clothing or home decor. 

Here's what I did with a few of mine:

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