Sunday, January 3, 2016

An Afternoon at Downton Abbey

I have been watching Downton Abbey for quite a while. I got started a little late--I think Season 3 was playing when I started watching--but I quickly caught up thanks to binge watching episode after episode via DVD.

Last year I treated myself to a Downton Gala for my birthday. What a fun night! Here's a shot from last January:

The magic of the green screen!
This year, I held a Downton Afternoon. Decorating was half the fun: my budget (as always) was as close to zero as possible.

I found these flowers and ivy at a thrift shop and paired them with a candelabra that I've had for several years.

Snacks and tea ... lots of tea. 
Not only was it fun to play dress up and feel "fancy," but we enjoyed a stimulating conversation and shared a little about what it's like to be a woman in today's society, versus various times in history. It wasn't a chit-chat sort of conversation, it was deep and full and I loved it.

Me, basking in Downton glow.
After everyone had gone, I spent a long time just basking in the glow of the perfect afternoon.

Do you watch Downton Abbey? If so, which was your favorite season?

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