Tuesday, January 5, 2016

An Upcylced Hat for my Mother-in-Law

It was a few days before Christmas and I still wanted to pick up one more gift for my mother-in-law. She's definitely a "girly girl," and loves all things vintage. I knew she wouldn't be offended in the least if I gave her a second-hand hat.

I found this one:
Note the strange band with buttons on each side--it was just sort of flopping around. 
It wasn't the prettiest hat I've ever seen but the price was right ($5) and I knew I could do something creative with it.

(Side note: I used to hold a yearly tea to raise money for Shared Hope International--an organization which works to end sex trafficking around the world. I re-made lots and lots of hats then ... so much fun!)

I was tempted to run to the local craft store for some supplies. After clearing/de-cluttering a LOT last year, I don't have as much on hand. I decided to see what I did have first though and was pleasantly surprised.

I found:
  1. Autumn-colored fake flowers that looked real (not like many of the awful silk ones)
  2. A little corsage-type thing I'd made from bits of vintage fabric and lace years ago (and had completely forgotten about)
  3. A tiny fake bird
  4. A vintage clip on earring that had lost its match
I put all of these together with some sewing and a bit of hot glue and got this: 

Aren't frugal projects the most fun? What have you created lately? Please link to your post so we can see! 

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