Thursday, March 31, 2016

Exciting News ~ Altered Couture Magazine

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Well, maybe you've already guessed from the title, but I'm so excited to let you know that Altered Couture, one of my very favorite magazines, accepted my vintage upcycled slip for an upcoming issue! (You might remember me talking about submitting something?)

I don't have any more details right now, other than that I need to complete a 600 word synopsis of my process by mid-month. I actually have already sketched it out but still need to type it up and fine tune it a bit. When I got the email from the editor, I literally bounced in my seat, a wide smile on my face. I will remember this moment when I'm next feeling that sense of creative frustration.

I'm telling you this because I'm excited, yes, but also to encourage you to smack that inner critic in the head when he/she next pipes up and tells you, "oh, well, that's for other people, not you," or "you want to do what?!" It's for anyone, thanks so much, and doing things is absolutely the only way that we learn.

There are still so many creative things I want to try, some of which are very scary for me to admit. Most often when I'm enthralled with something new, I prefer to research it extensively. I read books/magazine articles/blog posts, etc., on the topic, listen to podcasts, try to find someone else to talk to about it.

The problem is that all that excitement and education about a topic, while wonderful and sometimes necessary, doesn't help you as much as trying to do the thing.

Creativity = Trial + Error (maybe lots of errors)

When it comes right down to it, you rarely learn how to do something if you never pick up the material/piece of furniture/beads/thread/lace and just give it a go.

What are some of the creative things you've tried that have flopped? What's turned out fabulously? Please share one of your experiences in the comments. 


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    1. Thank you so much, Stacy! It feels great and happy news is always better when shared with friends. :)