Wednesday, June 29, 2016

When Bad Things Are Happening All Around You

I have to admit that I'm annoyed by glass half-full types. Those who put on their rose-colored glasses so tightly that not a drop of reality has a chance to slip in. Everything is lovely and beautiful, nothing bad ever seems to happen allowed to penetrate their world.

But then, I'm also annoyed by the doom and gloom types. These folks relish the times of day when they can spread their negativity, poisoning all those they come in contact with. Whether it's sharing (in detail) the horrors and tragedies that are being reported in the news or the negative things they've gathered up in their own lives, being around these people is draining at best, depressing at worst.

As a self-identifying worrywart, it's easy for me to slip into either of these mindsets. Though I veer more toward the second (it's incredibly easy to get swept away in all of the "bad-ness" of the world, isn't it?) I do have times when I squish those rose-colored glasses on as tightly as I can.

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The world is a scary place sometimes. What we are doing to the Earth is frightening.

Instead of focusing on this, though, what if we look for the good being done? The positive changes taking place and the people working so hard, day in and day out, to make the world a better place don't get as much news attention. They should. Actually, they should get more.

There is nothing so debilitating as loss of hope.  

While I don't write often here about the environment, it plays a huge role in my beliefs. It's the reason that I'm so passionate about upcycling--that and the fact that I have a mother who drilled into me that waste is next to godlessness.   :)

If you're in need (as I am) of a few reminders of the great work being done to help the planet and its occupants, here is a helpful list:

  1. a Global Climate Movement
  2. Faithful Stewardship of All Creation
  3. Peace Corps--Make the Most of Your World
  4. Kiva--Loans that Change Lives
  5. National Audubon Society--Conservation organization
  6. Nature Conservancy--Conserving the Lands and Waters on Which All Life Depends
  7. Positive News--Encouraging stories from around the world
These are just a few ... which would you add?

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