Wednesday, January 20, 2016

My Big-Time Dream ... And How I'm Saving for It

Do you have a big-time dream? Maybe the one on your bucket list that really stand out. It might be traveling in Kenya, hiking the Grand Canyon, swimming with sharks--oops, I mean dolphins--or something else that you know in your bones will satisfy.

I have a lot of items on my Dream List (I don't like the term Bucket List but the two are basically the same thing).

Near the very top are two that I have been wanting to do for YEARS. Really. A long, long time.

  1. Travel in Europe.
  2. Travel in the U.S., in a vintage camper.
Maybe, like me, you find yourself often saying, "Oh, that will be so wonderful ... someday."

"Someday" is like a daydream. And what's likely to happen is that "someday" I'm going to realize that I should have been actively working toward my dream, instead of just wishing it would happen on its own. 

So, even though dreaming of travel feels a little silly right now, with very little extra income of my own to set aside and a young child at home, I've started a savings fund. 

Sure, it may take me a decade to get enough money saved to buy one of these: 

... but at least as I look at my Dream List I will know that I'm trying to get myself on the road and into the Sisterhood (Sisters on the Fly, for those of you who don't know, is the largest outdoor adventure group for women in the U.S. It also has a TON of cute vintage campers to drool over on its website). 

I've decided that any future sales I make--either through my Etsy shop or selling vintage or handmade goods in a local shop, on Craigslist, Ebay, to friends, whatever--will be put toward my someday camper. 

I don't care if the little gem is simply parked in my backyard. As Virginia Woolf wrote, every woman needs a room of one's own. And let me tell you, when your "studio" is a corner of a dark, cobwebby basement near the cat boxes? That room starts to look pretty darn enticing.    :) 

Do you like vintage campers and/or traveling? Please share about it in the comments. 

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