Monday, January 11, 2016

Dining Room ... Do or Don't?

Do you have a dining room? If so, do you use it often for the purpose it was intended?

In our old house, we had a large room with tons of big windows that was the perfect space for a dining room. We used it for birthdays and occasional parties with friends, dinners with other couples and, later for other purposes.

In our new(er) house, there was a room which was supposed to be a dining room. While I ran my writing business, the space was my office.

I've been dreaming of turning the space into a dining room again. Maybe it would encourage me to invite more friends over for dinners and art nights?

The space is still developing, still opening its petals. I'll post pictures of it as it is now, soon. (The bar cart sits in the corner of this room, and I love that it adds a little glamour.) Here is one wall--this is what you see as you enter the room from the front door.

Old vintage sign, thrifted box and vase, and my little owl friend

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