Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Failed Sewing Attempt: Dress from Hell

OK. I'll admit that I might have exaggerated slightly in the title of this post. This dress isn't exactly from hell, but it certainly has some issue. (But hey, who of us doesn't?)

I've wanted to use this certain vintage sewing pattern for more than a year. What was holding me back? The dreaded zipper. (You might remember me talking about zipper-installation fears before.)

Well, I finally found what I thought was the perfect fabric. Plus, it was deeply on sale so I wouldn't feel as horrible if I ruined the dress.

Since I mostly re-make/upcycle clothes and accessories, buying fabric of any kind new and fresh from the bolt is sort of frightening. I mean, I feel badly enough if I mess up a thrift store or free item, but virginal, perfect, new fabric?


Anyway, I was lucky enough to have President's Day off of work so after kissing my husband and son goodbye for the day, I settled in with some soft music, the material and the pattern.

All was going well. Cutting was as slow as ever, but the fabric, a sort of denim-like material, was a dream to work with. All the pieces were cut and laid out. And I got the zipper in!

When I went to try it on, however, I noticed something. Even though it was a Size 10, it seemed really large and ill-fitting. Well, I'd fix that.

I took the side seams in by about an inch on either side. This helped. Still, I felt a little like I was wearing a potato sack. The length wasn't helping. Was it made for a giraffe? On the pattern front (which I'm now learning to be very suspicious of) the dress came up above the models knees. Mine was closer to mid-shin.

It still looked large on me but I wasn't sure how to successfully take it in anymore without altering the basic shape. Once the hem was shortened it would surely be better, right?

Well, ahem, no. Not necessarily.

Now it looks something like a short potato sack.

Look at those shoulders puffing! Can you say Igor in Frankenstein?

I made this for a warm-weather trip that's coming up. I thought maybe if I styled it, I could still wear it. I'm not sure if a sweater will be possible to keep on where we are headed though.

Better, but still reminiscent of a potato sack ... 
What to do? Do I try to take it in myself? Drop it off for alterations? Shrug and call it a learning experience? Give or sell it to someone who would look better in it?

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