Thursday, April 21, 2016

Why Do You Upcycle?

Is there a difference between green living, frugality, living simply and a DIY lifestyle?
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I am a big time blog and podcast-lover. It's interesting to see what motivates some of my favorite writers and podcasters. For some, like the Frugalwoods and Mr. Money Moustache, the inspiration comes from saving money by living uber-frugally. 

For others like Rhonda at Down to Earth and Brooke at Slow Your Home, the motivation is living more simple, quieter and more mindful lives. 

Minimalists like Courtney at Be More with Less and Joshua at Becoming Minimalist, are driven by reducing clutter in whatever form it takes.

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Thinking about motivation made me wonder why others upcycle. Is it to be more green, to save money, to be creative, or to simply reduce waste?

For me it's all of those plus something else entirely. When I look at things I see what could be rather than what is. While this got me into trouble in my younger years with boys, it's an ability that brings me joy now. 

What about you? What do you love most about upcycling? Please share in the comments. 

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  1. I think the motivation for me is #1, giving value to a beautiful piece of vintage remnant or well loved piece that has been discarded or found unwearable because of its condition. To take that lovely, sometimes 50+ year old piece of bead work, or handmade applique, that someones grandma lovingly created (but the dress it was attached to has deteriorated beyond repair) and create a beautiful new wearable piece of art centered around it. That makes me happy to upcycle, create, save cost yest, but giving something it value back is my main reason. :)