Thursday, December 10, 2015

The DIY Upcycling Blues

I love upcycling. LOVE it. It probably comes from growing up with a mom who was always saving things, "just in case." She's a little like Mary Poppins--whatever need you have, just call and she'll say, "Oh, yes. I have five of those. Which color would you like?"

This works out well for me because I can't stand clutter or hanging on to lots of things. I'm forever going on de-cluttering binges, bungling my way through the house with big cardboard boxes, bellowing things like, "how did we end up with three of these?!" and "ugh, this feels so good! so freeing!"
How did this artist get my photo? Image credit: Dawn Hudson

But inevitably, in three months when I'm looking for that red glove or broken garden statue for an art project, I lament my mad, crazed dash through the house.

Lately, though, I've got the DIY upcycling blues. It's all well and good to see pictures of all the cool upcycling projects other people are tackling ... but what about those of us who haven't ever learned to use a hack saw, let alone a jigsaw?

Probably done in an hour. Would take me 50. Image credit: DIY & Crafts

This is probably why my upcycling Pinterest board only has projects that require glue or paint. 

I suppose it's time for a lesson. YouTube perhaps?

How do you learn new hands-on skills? Classes? Online tutorials? Ask someone you know? 

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