Monday, February 15, 2016

Who am I and How Did I Get Here?

I love perusing my favorite blogs and, after I've found one that I really enjoy, one of the first places I head is to the "about" page. It helps to build a connection with the author and offers some really interesting insight into her (or his) life.

This post, which will be in two parts, will tell you a little bit about who I am and how I got here, specifically to this point in my creative journey, and why I started this blog.


Look back, 2007 was the year everything changed for me. I had been working in the nonprofit world of human services for seven years. I'd finished my bachelor's degree in psychology and was ready to save the world! 

Instead, I burned out. My work as a case manager was stressful and depressing. Out of desperation, I eventually took a job that was a very bad fit. I worked as an administrative  assistant at a university with one goal in mind: go back to school--this time for free--for a second degree in art. 

I'd always been creative. Growing up in a family with three older, very artistic sisters helped. Add to that a mother and grandmother who were skilled at sewing and knitting and incredibly industrious, along with father who was naturally curious and excelled at all things technically-based (before being into tech was cool), and I guess it was meant to be. 

But back to 2007. I managed to take one art class: it was a watercolor painting class.The course was held in the most inspiring and exciting place: a costume design studio at the school. Unfortunately, soon after the class ended I was fired from my job. 

Now what? 

I knew I wanted a creative career, but how to go about it? I didn't have professional experience in the arts or a degree to help me get there. 

I took another administrative assistant job, this time through a temp agency. It was dreadfully boring. I took more art classes and continued making art in my free time. Mixed media was my area of interest, though I also made handbags, embellished vintage hats and at one point, even ran a tiny vintage shop out of my home. Taking old things and turning them into beautiful or useful items has always been a passion. 

I read book after book about leaving your day job behind to pursue your true passion. I absorbed messages on this subject with gusto. Getting an inspirational kick in the pants, though, is different than actually taking action ... 

Stay tuned for Part II. 

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